OneDine’s Murtec 2024 Highlights: What We Learned!

At Murtec 2024, OneDine got a front-row seat to all the cool stuff shaping the future of our industry. Here’s our take on the four big things we brought home:

  1. Getting Friendly with Mobile: Murtec 2024 was all about going mobile and we’re totally on board! With our contactless payment systems, self-serve tablets, and digital wallet solution with our partners at Amazon were a hit, showing that folks dig tech that lets them take care of business! OneDine is all about making hospitality smoother, and going mobile is a big part of that!
  2. Powering Up with AI and Automation: AI and automation stole the show at Murtec 2024, and we’re proud to be leading the charge. Our AI-driven feedback analytics help businesses stop negative reviews before they leave the building, while our automated solutions keep things running slick and save our partners some serious cash. OneDine is all about smart tech that makes life easier for everyone involved!
  3. Going Green and Loving It: Sustainability was in the spotlight at Murtec 2024, and we’re all about it. Our digital menus cut down on paper waste, and our tech helps businesses use resources smarter. Being eco-friendly isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s good for business too. OneDine is all about tech that’s good for the planet and the bottom line!
  4. Making Guests Feel Special: At Murtec 2024, it was clear that personalization is the name of the game. We’re all about helping businesses get to know their guests better, so they can dish out offers and experiences that hit the spot. Loyalty programs, more data-rich payment options like Amazon Pay – OneDine is all about making guests feel like VIPs!

So there you have it – our take on Murtec 2024. We’re stoked to keep pushing the boundaries of hospitality tech and making life better for businesses and guests alike. Cheers to the future!