Maximizing Tips for Restaurant Servers: Strategies and Solutions

Servers in restaurants play a crucial role in creating a positive dining experience for customers. A good server can make the difference between a patron leaving a generous tip or a small one. Here are some of the top ways to ensure your restaurant servers receive higher tips.

1. Provide Excellent Service – The most important factor in increasing tips is providing excellent service. Servers should be friendly, knowledgeable about menu items, and attentive to their customers’ needs. They should also aim to create a memorable experience for the customer.

2. Encourage Diners to Leave Tips on Virtual Payment Devices – With the increasing popularity of digital payment methods such as OneDine Checkout, servers should encourage customers to leave tips through these platforms. This allows for a more convenient and secure way to tip, as customers can do it from the comfort of their own devices.

3. Suggest a Gratuity for Large Parties – For large parties, servers can suggest a gratuity for their service, typically between 18-20% of the total bill. This can be added to the bill, which can help ensure the server receives a higher tip.

4. Cross-Train Servers – Cross-training servers on different aspects of the restaurant can improve their overall performance and increase the likelihood of a higher tip. For example, training servers on mixology can help them make better drink recommendations and improve the customer’s experience.

5. Offer Unique Specials – Offering unique specials and promoting them through servers can increase sales and drive up tips. Servers who are knowledgeable about the specials and can effectively promote them are more likely to receive higher tips.

6. Reward Good Performance – Recognizing and rewarding good performance can encourage servers to continue providing excellent service. This can be done through bonuses, extra time off, or other incentives.

In conclusion, maximizing tips for restaurant servers is essential to keeping them motivated and providing a great dining experience for customers. By following these strategies and using virtual payment methods, restaurant owners can help their servers receive higher tips.